This was the "NEW KID ON THE BLOCK" - built a few years ago on the site of an old Road Sweeping and Drain Cleaning Outfit, and before that, a Coal Yard.  Its name appears to have absolutely no bearing on its past whatsoever.... Still, when rumour has it that somebody once hanged himself in the Yard, it's not difficult to see why!! The exact location remains a mystery, but rest assured, SOMEBODY'S house now sits on top of it!! Hop Pockets New Kid title has now been superceded by a newer development on Common Road - Cobnut Close (and as you would expect,  not a cobnut to be seen anywhere!)

The properties seem to follow the typically modern tradition of being enthusiastic on building and economical in the garden .  So much so, that there is the strong possibility in some instances that on your way out to the patio, if you accidentally trip over the  doorstep, you might just  bang your head on the fence at the bottom of the garden at the same time - a sobering thought!! 

However, not everyone enjoys gardening.....