Who really knows the origins of this Universally Famous Organization ?? (no pun intended but even Old Aliens must have one somewhere..) Definitely one exists in the Village and has been since  the time the first senior citizen, whilst attempting to impress his young consort,  abseiled down the side of the Vicarage without a rope, much to the consternation of the Vicar who was trying to do the same thing down the other side!!  Exactly who HE was trying to impress is anyone’s guess.

Activities like these  were deemed to be beneath the standards of behaviour expected from any of the village elders, and so a more formal society was instigated to channel such "creativity" into more practical use. Regular meetings are now held in the St.George's Institute and to the credit of the senior citizens involved, not one of the activities therein has necessitated a single raid by the local constabulary. Congratulations to everyone!! Long may the club continue to function. Those of us currently too young to join, can look forward to eligibility for membership with much enthusiasm.

Noticeable events for the forthcoming year are rumoured to include the following :-

Three-hour sessions for two in the  NASA Flight Simulator  at Cape Canavarel (blindfolded).

Night-time Bungee Jumping from the top of a tower of your choice.

A ten hour dive on the wreck of the Titanic ( mask and snorkel only.)

If all this sounds too energetic, then don't forget the monthly Dinner and Dance, where you and your partner can smooch the night away to the mellow sounds of such great bands as Iron Butterfly, Motorhead and Black Sabbath.....


Aerobics,  with special Guest - Pamela Anderson. (Free De-Fibs with every class.)

Sorry to report, the Darby & Joan Club has now closed down - probably due to ‘Elf ‘N Safety putting the dampers on their more energetic activities. Lack of helpers was another factor in its demise.