Sissinghurst.com is a website aimed primarily at being an amenity window into the workings of a small Kentish Village. It started life as little more than a spoof  of day -to-day activities within the village (and to a large extent, still is!) and has grown into providing a fairly comprehensive  picture of Sissinghurst as it is today.  We strive to  be as factual as possible in our reporting. Whilst we maintain a light-hearted outlook, the views expressed are purely our own, and we seek only to inform and to entertain. We hope you enjoy reading about our Village. Some of the current content is out of date and  we will be update it as we go along. Thanks for visiting.


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There are many ways to get to Sissinghurst, dependant upon where you are coming from. For example, from Mars you would need to head for the Moon, turn slightly left, look out for a large bright shiny planet, (only if the Sun's out!!) then aim roughly for the centre. You will of course need some good brakes...

However, if you live a good deal nearer than that, then you only need to take one of the "frequent"*trains from London Charing Cross to Staplehurst Station, and either get a bus at the stop on the A229 or taxi from the station to Sissinghurst village. (Due to the camber in the road and the bend to the right, all buses tend to turn left into the B2083 towards Sissinghurst, so you can't miss it.) For the more active amongst us, walking distance is about 4 miles. If you choose the latter, be careful not to get hung up on the wheel arch of one of the many articulated trucks that regularly shave the side of the road, particularly where there's no footpath. (sidewalk even...)

*Does not take into account Engineering Works, Signal failures, Points failures, leaves, cattle, dead trains, suicidal people and other minor irritants blocking the line.


(Haven’t the faintest idea - too much time on hands. So much for retirement!)

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