The Club is always on the look-out for new blood, so if you think you're a "whizz with the willow", it is strongly recommended you contact the numbers below :-

01580 - 712901/852295


Sissinghurst Tennis Club came into being some years ago when  kindly Benefactors gave the Club a piece of their land on which to build a Tennis Court. In reality, the owners at the time were searching  the bottom of  their garden looking for a place to put  their outdoor seat.  As luck would have it, in the subsequent confusion, the Club somehow ended up with both the land AND the seat, which until recently was believed to be still sitting outside the clubhouse, sadly minus the original occupants.. (Since these days, few are likely to give anything away, other than their names  to a policeman, you can tell how long ago all this happened...)..and the original seat was last seen in someone’s back garden!

Affiliated to the L.T.A. (Ladies Tantrums Amalgamation ), the Club caters for  all ages and abilities and new members are always welcome providing they have an interest in the Game (Tennis that is..). Membership is straightforward and only a thirty page Application Form is required by the Membership Secretary. It is now quicker to apply online!

The Club boasts two Courts, No.1 and No. 2. and court booking is simplicity itself. If No.1 Court is in use then members using No.2 Court would much prefer to play on No.1. If, however, No.1 Court is not in use and No.2 Court is in use, then those using No.2 Court would be permitted to move across to No.1 Court as long as the those who originally booked No.1 Court have not arrived on time. However, should those now on No.1 Court ,who should have been on No.2 Court, be on No.1 when No.1 does finally turn up, they will immediately return to No.2 or No.1 will want to know why! - easy!

The reverse would apply if No.2 Court is in use, until such times that both are in use simultaneously, in which case those now not playing on Courts 1 or 2 would perhaps be better off down the Pub!!

However, by popular demand, the Clubhouse has been refurbished recently and can now cater for a variety of social functions. Notice Board Reading, Spot-The-Last-Person-Who Left-And-Didn't-Wash-Up Competitions and Who-Didn’t-Sign-the-Visitors-Book Contests are all enthusiastically supported.

  Excitement on Court during last year's packed-out Mixed Doubles Final. 

Anyone interested in joining the Club should contact the following :-

Paul Tully - Membership Secretary  01580-713461  

Family, Single Adult, Junior, Student and Temporary membership is available availableavailable.

Having finally dragged itself into the 21st Century (think they burned the last wooden racquet only recently, or was that a kebab at the last barbie??!!),  the club now boasts its own website  . Hit the ball and go there!!

.......Need to put some life in  your "Old Bat"? Kid's cramp your style? Fed up with your parents knocking you all over the court?? Maybe this might help.....

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Details are not currently available but the teams are regularly seen kicking around the Footie  Field on SATURDAY Mornings during the season. As soon as the author manages to haul himself out of bed before play starts, information might be a bit more forthcoming.…

Latest info suggests we have a contact:-

Mr. John Smith  01580 712898


Is there a village anywhere in the country that doesn't have its own Cricket Club and does The Milkhouse sell groceries?? The answer to these and other earth-shattering problems is probably no, but this is Cricket we're talking about...

For those whose knowledge of the game is limited, we will dispense with the naff description of it being  a game between two teams, one that's in and the other that's out, and the team that's out tries to get the team that's  in, out until when all out, the team that was in goes out The team that was out now goes in and the team that's now out tries to get back in by getting the team that's  in, out again. Suffice to say, this in and out lark continues regularly over a week-end period until play is stopped  at  lunch-time, tea -time, night-time, when the umpire falls asleep, or the wicket keeper's wife wants to go shopping !!

Seriously though, with their impressive track record over the years, the village can be pretty proud of the Club's achievements. Not limiting themselves to success on the field,  they have unflinchingly strived to maintain the profitability of the local watering hole, to the benefit of the whole community. Keep up the good work lads!!