This is generally the part where the authors run around the village like blue -bottomed flies trying to extract some gossip from less-than-forthcoming residents, business owners etc. that might titillate the senses of our readers. Since little comes across the desk except reports of dog mess on the footpaths, speeding traffic through the village (chance would be a fine thing on  most mornings…) and overhanging hedges, this is going to be darn difficult!! However, we will do our very best to get as much blood from the stone in the way of news, as humanly possible….


Following the extremely “popular” decision to pepper a large part of Common Road with multiple residential units, we now notice the field in question has been fenced off prior to work commencing in October (‘17). A digger has recently been at work trenching parts of the field checking for archeological finds. Since the trenches were just as quickly filled in, presumably nothing of value was found - not even the remains of some neolithic drunk on his way back home from the pub! (Or whatever passed for a watering hole back then..) What many might not be aware of is the following act of vandalism a couple of weeks ago which resulted in every  single fence panel being torn down and the Portaloo upended.

We do not condone such actions, but in view of the hostility towards this development  we would not be surprised to hear the odd “tee-hee” from some quarters…

Should the miscreants wish to repeat the exercise, please be advised that the panels have now been re-fixed with coach bolts and the thread on the other side of the posts sawn through to prevent undoing. Now if somebody was to relocate the unsightly Portaloo by the entrance, to somewhere a little less intrusive, that might do us all a favour!

Footnote :- Seems they cant wait until October - the “noise” has started already with a couple of diggers on site ploughing up the ground. Although why they are using rock breakers to excavate soil is a bit of a mystery - have they discovered the remains of an old roman road and are obliterating it before anyone notices?? The plot thickens….

..and on this subject,

Plans to turn a perfectly good semi-detached house into a three way terrace have also been approved, so that’s one more unit to add to the already overstocked supply of dwellings.