Having been on Permanent Annual Leave for a few years now, we finally decided to try out  a CAWPA lunch this year. During the  course of employment with the Company, the ambition used to be to reach a senior position as soon as possible. However, with this outfit, we're in absolutely no hurry whatsoever!!

There are quite a few photos, so it may take a while to load. Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with Superfast Broadband, as BT seems to think that ADSL means Any Delay Saves Lots!!  ...so please be patient. (..don't they all say that!!)

"The organised pre-lunch activities were totally exhausting ....

..although most of us just stood around!!"

Manny makes sure he doesn't drop                                  Pensioners from "G-Wing" enjoy their

any of HIS during the conversation.                                  annual day out.

"How many MORE times do we have to hear                  The B(l)ooze Brothers!!

"The Best Joke In The World??!!"

This is a GOOD picture of Dave Escott....             This one isn't. (An extra 5pc on the pension

                                                guarantees removal !!)

  "..and his Dentist gives away FREE                             Look intelligent Jim - that bloke with

  beards AND Superglue!!                                              the camera's back again."

"..and it dries in FIVE seconds."                                  "Trust me Barry -  any time now, your

                                                                                 Beer is about to run down the back of


Mike's found someone better looking           ...Poking fun at everyone else, s'pose it's my turn!!!

than him - at last....!         

"What DID you think of that joke anyway??"                     “Oi Trev, that’s my batteries you’ve

                                                                                      got hold of there!”


"My husband will have your head off if he sees you, or is it off already..??!"

You always had a good head for something Derek,         "So all you do is press Ray's nose and

Now we know what!!                                                     it lights up and spins round..??"

Paddy's just heard his pension's gone up by Ten Percent...

..then he woke up!!!

Nice hair Maureen - who did your flowers?                   ""Mine's receding faster than yours.

                                                                                    Oh no it isn't, Oh yes it is..........""

"Honest, Tone - I've just heard all retired                "...Now, that IS the Best Joke in the World !!"

F1 staff are being offered overseas postings...."

Everybody out! Another function's about to follow.

....AND TORQUAY 2007!!!

Following an absence of about three years, largely caused by several bouts of suicidal depression from  reading articles on the F1 email Forum, we decided to give TQ another go and once more join the annual  lunchtime Bunfight at the Palace Hotel.  Either we’re getting old or the other guests are getting even older, (maybe both?) but this year the attendance seemed to be positively historic. Since there appears to be few , if any, replacement Retirees coming in from anywhere of what’s left of C&W, the continued “life” of such reunions must surely be questionable.

(Come on you Pensions people - what about the Deferred Pensioners? It’s only a lunch for goodness sake!).

However, as ever, everyone enjoyed themselves, the meal was 9/10, the company  was good and we all went home more than a few quid lighter than when we arrived.  Back next year ?

Dave E, prays this year’s meal is better than last year.

Dick Goodley - One of this year’s few “First Timers”.Glad you came Dick?

...and this lovely lady was a great waitress. Extra helpings all round and ice cream for me instead of the Pavlova.  Cheers m’dear!

The “Two Daves” - attention drawn to a “Whispering Bob” lookalike, demonstrating his starring role in an upcoming movie from “Hammer Films!”