Diane trying to impress everyone by NOT wearing  her glasses!

Don't know why I'M laughing - got a Wedding to organise next week!

Those responsible.

We were proud to show off our new "hi-tech" Patio Heater.

"A nip in the air? Think there's one in my mug."

"Mu-u-u-m, Auntie Dorothy keeps nickin' my chocolate cake!"

....Bits now UNFROZEN.

“Nice Barbie chaps - now what’s for dinner?”

After the fifth take, one person at last looks human.....daft, but human.

...And goodnight one and all, see you at the next one.

Great photo of Lorraine & Graham (Shame "leftie" got in the way!)

It might well be the middle of May, Rog,                        I've never tried doing the Hornpipe sitting down before!     

but my bits are FROZEN!  

Come on Bob, look now - I can't do this nodding dog impersonation  forever.

 More than two - that's for sure!!                                                Carolyn obviously visited "The Colonel"

                                                                                                  before arriving!                       

In the Year Of Our Lord, 2006 somewhere between March and May, Le Vieux Codger and La Belle Madame (creep!) found themselves on the wrong side of 39 (again), and decided that this year, instead of doing nothing in the way of celebration , we would once again do nothing, only twice over this time. However, Daughters One and Two had other ideas, so in time-honoured fashion, we hired out the Back Garden for the princely sum of zilch, filled it to capacity with a wonderful assortment of short and long-distance travellers, friends, neighbours and fellow commiserators, prayed it wouldn't chuck down, and then proceeded to have a right old session.

...and the Barbie was good too!


(We don't mention THAT age but we hear tell it might be something to do with free travel on buses, Winter fuel allowances etc.)