Nope - definitely not a sail-boat!

...Er, how do you fly this thing?? Or do you just knit with it!!

...Cut the grass???

..One to avoid!!                                                           ..and James demonstrates where the kites spent most

                                                                                     of their time - on the ground!!

..and this is far more interesting anyway.!!

Manny can't tell the difference between a kite and a sail-boat (till he puts his glasses on!)  


Here's a regular occurrence you don't see very often...(yet!)

For a few years now, some of us "kids" have been quietly following an old Bermuda tradition of flying kites  in the village on Good Friday. (Why Bermuda?? - 'cos we were lucky enough to get posted there in the first place and it all seemed like a good idea at the time....). Given the annual opportunity  to "send our minds up  the string" without getting kicked off the Cricket Field, or  landing in Terry O'Connor's tree, long may it continue. Any one else, daft enough to want to join in, we look forward to seeing you next year - you never know, it just might catch on!!  Oh, and watch out for James - he's a dab hand at cutting your kite strings !!!

Of late, the Village seems to have run out of puff as far as the wind is concerned, so we tend to move on to more esoteric locations, eg Camber Sands, Hastings, Rye etc and bigger kites! However, whatever the weather, the after-kite lunchtime activities are legendary!