(OR THITHINGHURTHT, as it was once known in the neighbouring village of **LITHP.)

Situated in the heart of the beautiful Kent Countryside ( don't ALL the Guidebooks start off like that?), the village of Sissinghurst, depending upon your viewpoint, stands, sprawls, straddles or in places hangs over, the A262 main road somewhere between Lamberhurst and Ashford.  For the benefit of the avid cartographer, in all probability you will find it located somewhere along the middle crease on Page 15 of your average UK Road Atlas. ( hidden under a wretched staple and looking  something like "Sist" or "Inghurst" etc.) To further add to the problem, if you're out on the road and you blink, you're very likely to miss it, although  a strictly enforced 30m.p.h. speed limit is imposed throughout the entire length of the High Street, just to make sure you don't. There’s an automatic speed restriction warning sign at one end, and Uncle Terry with his hand-held radar thingy at the other. Try not to wake him up as you drive past. (The High Street is actually called "The Street", owing to the fact that the local town planners in the early days had very little idea about which way was UP - a legacy that perhaps still lives on today.)

Some say that, as a village,  Sissinghurst has got the Lot, (an apparently incurable medical condition inherited from The Norman Times - yet another useless local advertising rag!!), and others say they wouldn't be seen dead in the place. (A statement of the obvious, since the nearest Funeral Director is two miles away in Cranbrook.). However, any town, village or hamlet is what you make it, and we made Sissinghurst our home since '82 (18 or 19  -  take your pick!). So for the real lowdown on "Mylkhouse", click the  items under VILLAGE STUFF ........

(**The village of LITHP thank thlowly out of thight during a thevere thunderthtorm in the theventeenth thentury, never to be theen again - hopefully along with jokes like this!!)