(The nearest thing to National Service since "The Draft".)

The 123rd Sissinghurst Troop was established shortly after the demise of the 122nd at the Battle of Sissinghurst Castle Restaurant, early in the mid - 20th Century when the entire Platoon was caught in a deadly crossfire of Jam Doughnuts from the 80th Benenden Mob during after-school tea-time woggle firing practice. Easily outnumbered by their old adversaries, they quickly succumbed to the overwhelming  firepower of heavy Chocolate Gateaux and dispersed rapidly into the surrounding woodland. A Parental round-up of stragglers eventually gathered up most of the "walking wounded" and managed to return them to their Division. (or their rooms, whichever was nearer!!). One or two, however, managed to slip away unnoticed, and completely vanish without trace. To this day, not one of them has ever been found,  although the occasional report of a Middle East plane hi-jack does throw up the odd familiar name....

The current crop of recruits bear little resemblance to their predecessors and are reputed to be the smartest looking outfit in the Village. Regular discipline is the order of the day, and their Commander-in-Chief (Otherwise known as Brown Owl) ensures absolute loyalty. Recruitment is carried out annually at the start of every Spring Term when  the Exec. "Akela"  visits the local primary school to sign up hopefuls for the new training sessions. Such is the popularity of these visits, that the school authorities regularly declare a "Baker Day" at the exact same time..... (For those unfamiliar with the term, it means all the kids have the day off! Get the picture?)

The  Brownie organization meets regularly and a full range of badge-gaining activities is available to further the education of our young heroes of tomorrow. Typical examples are given below :-

Cookery Under - Fire

Needlework for Mailbags

M16 Country Dancing. (Dismantling and Reassembly to music.)

Chieftain Tank Annual Maintenance Scheduling

Off-Road Tank Transporter Racing

(an absolute must for promotion.)

S.A.S. Party Organizing        ...the list is endless.

New recruits are always welcome. If you think you've missed the boat then join up NOW!

Call the following for details :-

Brown Owl      :   01580-715470

Akela               :   01580-714988