...Another Reunion (of Sorts)

Having met up with Alan Herbert a few months back, and discovering he just happened to live near the Bluebell Railway, (anorak's paradise!!!) Alan kindly organised a bit of a get-together at his gaff for a few "Old Cablies" who were still young enough to remember the real Age of Steam, (not to be confused with the times we used to see the stuff coming out the ears of one or two Branch Engineers when a cable broke! )

This mini roll-call of honour included our hosts

Natsuyo & Alan. (sadly, Alan remained at home organising the refreshments ,as his lovely wife was temporarily out of action due to a slight directional disagreement with a horse a few days earlier. The horse went one way and she went the other...)

Pauline & Brian Cakebread

Jenny & Manny Demello

Cheryl & Bill Sheils

Mina & Paul Tully (well someone had to write this..)

Footplate workers ...???                        We know you don't like wearing specs Bill, but afraid

                                                           the old "plates" are a must.....

The four entries for "LOCO of the Year"...                     Definitely NOT a couple of old


Pauline dreams of faraway places...

Looks like Brian’s already there!

Amazing how everyone wants                                 Showing off the new paint jobs. (The

to look out the window in a tunnel...                        carriage looks pretty good too!!)

Re-creation of a 1930s "chat-room". Chins up ladies!!

Spot the Old Buffers in amongst the old buffers ...

....Having run out of steam at the end of trip,  it was all back to A & N's to take on "water" for the rest of the activities.

A great big thank-you goes to our hosts for a very enjoyable afternoon and evening.  The food and drink were excellent and so was the company.  Nice to meet with those we knew and those we knew of.

Next time the  Fun's round our place....(We only have the K & E S R but it does the same job.)

C & W as we knew it may well disappear one day,  but the guys and gals who made it, certainly won't (yet...)

...Oh and we've an apology to make. In our haste to snap  everything that moved, we forgot to take a pic of Natsuyo and Alan. Will upfix and remedy next time....!!

(Which may present a slight problem - they’ve moved to Japan!)